Our strengths

Hardware integration

We specialize in collecting data from ANY hardware

We have integrated electronic scales, microscopes, People counters, weather data, scanners, printers, ID card printers, label printers, packaging inkjet printers, PDAs, Barcode & Handheld Scanners, RFID Readers, temperature sensors, POS systems in our solutions, where the data automatic was exchange without user interaction.
We specialize in collecting data from ANY hardware
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Long time experience with databases

We at Antrow Software have a long time experience with databases such as DSI-Database, MS-Access, Oracle, My-SQL, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. We can develop on any of those database platforms or convert your data to a Microsoft™ platform.
Long time experience with databases
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Browser support

Our software supports any new internet browser and of course tablet and mobile devices
Browser support
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Standardized download

All data in your web applications can be download in a standardized format
Standardized  download
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Seriously cross-platform with HTML5

We use the jQuery Mobile framework who takes the write less, do more mantra to the next level. Instead of writing unique applications for each mobile device or OS, the jQuery mobile framework allows us to design a single highly-branded responsive web site or application that will work on all popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms in a cost effective way
Seriously cross-platform with HTML5
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compiled work

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working examples

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how to make access database web based consultation.


A great place strengths.

We convert and migrate any Microsoft MS-Access databases into a online web/website or web app

Take a look at the strengths of Android Software

Microsoft Access web app examples and many other you will find on our website and we show you how convert access form to web page or cloud app. Microsoft Access website app examples is on our webpage and howto convert MS-Access database from a Sharepoint app Do keep our Best practices for moving large MS-Access application towardin mind that when you publish an MS-Access 2013,2016 web, Best practices for moving large MS Access application toward the internet Take a look at the strengths of Android Software.
Full service kiosks (eKiosk) Professional wirelessly, controlled digital door signage with tablets and electronic signs without wires is one of our top products convert, MS-Access forms to web is what many companies are looking for, I would like to convert this access db to a web based application so that We program your databases, MS-Access programming, like Excel on the Web how to make web MS-Databases web based . We offer a easy and fast way to convert existing MS-Accesss database to web database Take a look at the strengths of Android Software.
Migrate MS-Access to a Web database without sharepoint, you can host is as a cloud solution Microsoft Access web/website or web cloud app is to be convertet or migratete, we have 20 year expirience in developing web based database on th base of old MS-Access aplications How to connect or Migrate Microsoft MS-Access database to html webpage Microsoft Access web application. we convert and Migrate MS-Access to a web/website or web app database. convert Microsoft Access database to web-based cloud application also can we convert MS-Access 2016 database to web app and website Convert MS-Accesss Forms to web application and use the Microsoft Sql Server migration assistant access Antrow is the first address when you need database applications to be used on a more modern Web based platform using a browser or smartphoneTake a look at the strengths of Android Software.
Digital signage (digital signage) - skillfully set the scene or like digital picture frames. We also migrate, Dynamic Web Pages with Microsoft Access databases Newer editions of Microsoft Access have been heavily marketed convey the message that Microsoft Access can be easily converted to a web application Microsoft Access to, ASP converter is the what we do best,There are many routes to go in deploying web applications and you must choose migrate, MS-Access to mysql, We work together with you to build engaging, dynamic, and cross-platform replacements to your existing MS-Access databases. We will help you migrate your data. No project is too big or too small MS-Access To web/website or web app ?, Why convert to web or cloud hosted database system. I have been tasked with converting an existing Microsoft Access 2007 application into a web application a so called From Desktop Database to Web App. Database programs, such as Microsoft Access, are naturally compatible with websites that rely on stored information for generating and saving content. MS-Access website app examples can you find on our demo pages, Newer editions of Ms-Access have been heavily marketed convey the message that Ms-Access can be easily converted to a web application re-create your MS-Access reports into MS-SQL and MS-Access website where it can be dowloaded as Excel or PDF file what is web database you ask your self For this we convert MS-Access databaseinto a web application, your databases in Web easy and cheap, Microsoft MS-Access database migration. We convert MS-Access databases in an online website Take a look at the strengths of Android Software.
Migrate Microsoft Microsoft Access to the web/website or web app is what we do best. we have over 1000 satisfied customer where we have migrate old Microsoft Access database to a new Website. In need of a web/website or web app Database Application? we build and convert searchable database, forms & app, MS-Access Migration with Rapid WEB application development. is there any way of converting MS-Access 2010 web database template into a website or publish the MS-Access database to web without sharepoint Converting MS-Access Desktop, Application into MS Accesss Web App, we show you how to connect MS-Access database to a html webpage migrate MS-Accesss, to sql server, Publish and synchronize changes to your application, We are Experts in converting MS Access databases to Modern Web Based databases How to Convert MS-Access Forms to Web Format you ask your self?, how to use Microsoft access online  and what is the ten top reasons to move your MS-Access database to the web Digital Door Signs and electronic signage provide employees and guests & nbsp; in companies and public institutions optimal orientation. build on our MS Access datbase to Web technologies convert Microsoft MS-Access to web app is cheap, fast and can be done within a month, Build an Microsoft Access database to share on the web/website or web app is easy and fast with the software from Antrow.Take a look at the strengths of Android Software.
We offer a easy and fast way to convert MS-Accesss database to web-based cloud application, Creating a Web Page to Display Access Database Data Best practices for moving large MS AccessBest practices for moving large MS-Access application towardapplication toward the internet Cross database migration, conversion and synchronization for Microsoft MS-Access is what we do cheap and cost effective. migrate from MS-Access, to mobile-first Web Application and we show how tp how to make MS-Access database web based I have been tasked with converting an existing MS Access 2007 application into a web application. The data is currently stored in a SQL Server We build you cross-platform replacements to your existing Microsoft MS-Access databases. We will help you migrate your MS-Access aplication easy Microsoft Access web form and apps how to turn Microsoft MS-Access database  into web application .