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We migrate your MS-Access databases to a website or cloud application.

Welcome to our website. Antrow has over 15 years experience in migrating MS-Access databases to a full functional online website or cloud solution with full database functionality. We are proud to have helped over 700 customers to bring their MS-Access databases online.

With our own developed .Net MS-Access framework we ensure a cost effective and 1 to 1 migration so all you data are available for you on the internet on any device with the same functionality as on you local PC. For more information click here or visit our demo site here for a online demo.

Also we offer our award winning software COMFORT display cloud solution that helps our customer to have central control of, and distribute content to digital signage monitors and displays.

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We have been working with Antrow Software for a long time, but previously we used the MS-Access program as a client program, we have undoubtedly cut the time involved by 50 % by letting Antrow software migrate the MS-Access database to our new website! Paul Jensen
We are happy to announce that in our MS-Access Webcontrols standard framework we have implemented as brand new Walk-through function. Here the user can learn how to use the converted MS-Access database web interface in just 5 minutes. This saves implementation time and cost.
The Walk-through area is separated from the rest of the application, the user can add/edit or delete records as a training purpose without any risk or impact to any live data.
The main benefit is our electronic archive. Here, the relevant original documents can be retrieved quickly and easily when required (e.g. in the event of complaints). This used to be extremely time-consuming (searching through papers)… We are very satisfied with Antrow Software, and all our support needs are met.  Dr. Wolfgang Müller
…We have cut our working time by 90 %! … We are extremely happy and the support is perfect!…  Daniel Strong
Antrow Software who provide a Microsoft MS-Access to Website database conversion service has launched a campaign to explain the importance of using their service and how it can benefit businesses in the USA, the UK, and around the world. The MS-Access experts ( who have become leaders in their field by offering a cost effective migration of up to 70% faster than other services has found that there is a misunderstanding of how important converting Microsoft Access database to the Web is According to the conversion experts, many businesses due to their lack of misunderstanding jump the gun when it comes to their Access database becoming too large and outgrowing its original purpose. Instead of looking at more affordable measures, they hire expensive IT consultants and developers to build them new hardware and bigger databases. The more cost effective way of dealing with an outgrown database and a faster method is by turning that Access application into a Web-based application.

A spokesman for Antrow Software said: “What you will receive from us is a modern website with the same functionality as your current MS-Access database, the only difference !! it is online and can be used anywhere on any device.”

There are many benefits of using A Microsoft MS-Access To Website Database Conversion
Service, which includes:

1. Cost. Hiring developers and IT consultants can be very expensive and time-consuming.
By using the conversion service it’s not only quicker and avoids spending time meeting
different companies to undertake the work, but it's also much more affordable.

2. Easy To Use. Not everyone is an IT expert, and not everyone is trained to use
complicated systems. By using the conversion service, it avoids paying for training as well of
limiting which personnel can and cannot use the application.

3. Access Data from Anywhere: It is important to be able to access data no matter where
the user maybe. By having the database online, it means it is accessible from anywhere in the

4. Hosted locally. By converting an existing database, it can be hosted in the Cloud or a
local network.

There are many good reasons to use the conversion service, for more details of all the
benefits, please visit

“You can add, edit and delete data from anywhere in the world. the only thing you need is an
internet connection. We have converted over 500 MS-Access databases to the web, with our
long time experience and our own developed conversion tools (Anrow .Net MS-Access
webform usercontrols™) we ensure a fast and cost effective migration up to 70% faster than
our competitors.”

To learn more about Microsoft MS-Access To Website Database Conversion Service, please
…We save a huge amount of time, as the faulty software we used to use meant that nearly all documents had to be renamed manually. With Antrow software and thier new software solution saves us a great deal of time…. Jean Paul Belmondo 
Ms-access as a website or cloud app

MS-Access as a website or cloud app

We help you to convert/migrate your MS-Access database into an interactive web site.
Digital signage /comfort display

Digital SIGNAGE /COMFORT display

Centralized content control of customer in-store monitors and displays. Distribute information inexpensively and easily.
Any device/performance

Any device/Performance

All our programs are developed on Microsoft latest technologies and can be scaled upwards without any extra coding and run on any device such as PC/Tablet/Smartphone/Apple.



All our programs are designed modular, you will profit from any development that we make in any programs
Cloud support

Cloud support

All our programs are designed to run as a cloud solution, and can connect and exchange data to any major could service such as Google cloud services, Microsoft Azure, Facebook and Amazon web service.
Multi language support

Multi Language support

Our software supports ANY language, with the build-in language control center you can translate your application to any local language for no extra cost.

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With 20 year in business we provide the best development.

database driven website

Converting MS Access db to web aplication database driven website.

Access to cloud

Our class 1 rating for Access to cloud.

We convert and migrate Microsoft MS-Access databases into a online web/website or web app

From desktop to cloud - we are the leading partner in converting and migrating MS-Access databases to a online Website or Wasp.

migrate MS-Accesss, to sql server, Publish and synchronize changes to your application, We are Experts in converting MS Access databases to Modern Web Based databases how to make Microsoft, Access database web based and convert MS-Access forms to website pages or web app MS-Access Datebase conversion to web and Migrate Microsoft Access databases, convert to web/website or web app From desktop to cloud - we are the leading partner in converting and migrating MS-Access databases to a online Website or Wasp.
we also convert existing MS-Access database to web database, for you easy and for a fair price Microsoft Access Conversion to Web/website/web app application on the Cloud can we convert existing MS-Accesss database to website database, We are Experts in converting M- Access databases to Modern Web Based application or web app Digital Signage (digital signage) is the   dynamic transmission of multimedia information and advertising messages to nodes, From desktop to cloud - we are the leading partner in converting and migrating MS-Access databases to a online Website or Wasp.
convert Microsoft MS-Access to web app is cheap, fast and can be done within a month, convert, MS-Access forms to web is what many companies are looking for, I would like to convert this access db to a web based application so that export MS-Access to mysql easy and fast,Why convert from MS-Access to the Web? Remote access from any device or computer, which can handle much greater amounts of data, Stabilit We build you cross-platform replacements to your existing Microsoft MS-Access databases. We will help you migrate your MS-Access aplication easy Moving from Microsoft MS-Access to a web/website or web app Application is our daily job, using Antrow conversion services. Microsoft MS-Access running on a web server with a clear web database definition Antrow is the first option when you need database applications to be used on a more modern Web Based system using a browserFrom desktop to cloud - we are the leading partner in converting and migrating MS-Access databases to a online Website or Wasp.
Manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software for digital & nbsp; signs of offices and meeting rooms SQL web/website or web app based application? We convert MS-Access to web based application and migrate your Microsoft MS-Access to ms sql database, also re-create your Microsoft Access reports into MS-sql and Access web Microsoft MS-Access to web without sharepoint, look here for web database examples Migrate Microsoft Microsoft Access to the web/website or web app is what we do best. we have over 100 satisfied customer where where we have migrate old Microsoft Access database to a new Website. For this we convert MS-Access databaseinto a web application, your databases in Web easy and cheap, Microsoft MS-Access database migration. We convert MS-Access databases in an online website MS-Access database requires you to log in you can specify a user name and password for the web based MS-Access database Microsoft Access is a one of the most popular entry-level desktop database that to be a cloud solution and be upsized to enterprise level solutions you need to publish your access data to the web We convert MS-Access to website based application, If you have a Microsoft Access Database of any version, arterBase makes it easy for you to convert it into a Web Application his article provides an overview of MS-Access web database design. For an cloud solution Antrow is offering an Internet-facing, hosted SharePoint solutionFrom desktop to cloud - we are the leading partner in converting and migrating MS-Access databases to a online Website or Wasp.
Full service kiosks (eKiosk) Professional wirelessly, controlled digital door signage with tablets and electronic signs without wires is one of our top products , the Fastest Way to Publish MS-Access Database to the web/website or web app, and Migrate online from MS-Access Database to web and Creating Dynamic Web Pages with Microsoft Access databases. We can how to connect an HTML page to a MS Access. Microsoft Access web app examples and many other you will find on our website and we show you how convert access form to web page Digital Door Signs and electronic signage provide employees and guests & nbsp; in companies and public institutions optimal orientation. And we do convert MS Access datbase to Web is there any way of converting MS-Access 2010 web database template into a website or publish the MS-Access database to web without sharepoint Microsoft MS-Access that lets you convert your Microsoft MS-Access database into a cloud-based web application. Digital Signage Systems is equal to digital  signage all runs as as web database applications Migrate and convert Microsoft Access Applications Online and How to convert an Microsoft Access application to a true web site Converting an MS-Access Desktop Database to a Web App, We are Experts in converting MS-Access databases to Modern Web Based design From desktop to cloud - we are the leading partner in converting and migrating MS-Access databases to a online Website or Wasp.
We offer a modern software , digital signage for a variety of applications. Newer editions of Microsoft Access have been heavily marketed convey the message that Microsoft Access can be easily converted to a web application Convert Your MS-Access Databases to web/website or web app in Minutes with Antrow .Net Technologie. Converting Microsoft MS-Access Applications to Web Applications is what we do best, also we implement the 6 Best Practices for Marking up your HTML5 MS-Access Windows app with a web Client and how to make MS-Access database web based MS-Access web database without sharepoint, least or last how to create a web based database The term Digital Signage (dt .: Digital Signage) describes the use of digital   media content for advertising and information systems such as electronic How to Convert MS-Access Forms to Web Format you ask your self?, how to use Microsoft access online  and what is the ten top reasons to move your MS-Access database to the web convert Microsoft, MS-Access application to web based functional website, database builder Create your own online databasese .